2019 poetry predicitions???

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Does anyone have any sort of predictions as to what poem we're going to get this year?

Posted: 13-02-19 19:11 by hanifah_

Checking out me history or tissue but then again they can’t really give us tissue as it’s a grade nine poem and since there no tiers it’ll be a tricky one for those who aren’t as able

Posted: 31-03-19 16:39 by San4revision

have you heard anything for poetry ????

Posted: 22-05-19 18:25 by ella.fobbester

Nature is apparantly a definate theme that could come up

Likely Poems: Destruction of Sennacherib, Poppies and Exposure

But that is if you do Conflict poetry

Posted: 22-05-19 20:23 by toz03