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How do you work out average seasonal effects?010RupaaliWed 1st May, 2013 by Rupaali
urgent statistics answers needed!!!07electraMon 4th February, 2013 by electra
Does anyone have gcse notes on statistics about collecting data and presenting data?010DarshanaSun 29th July, 2012 by Darshana
Stats exam129Thandi MphokaMon 18th June, 2012 by Jonjo
can anybody help me for my edxcel stats exam today331fbocoMon 18th June, 2012 by fboco
Multistage sampling, Z charts013Khalid OsmanSun 17th June, 2012 by Khalid Osman
What is the equation for calculating comparative pie charts?012Gaby CoghlanSun 17th June, 2012 by Gaby Coghlan
does anyone know when my gcse statistics edexcel exam is, im in yr 11 and should be doing it soon as my second gcse?627jaiSun 17th June, 2012 by YellowYeti
Binomial Distribution!?1239YellowYetiThu 14th June, 2012 by YellowYeti
Yeah i took Statistics, and i dont get any of it :/ and ive got a exam in a few weeks coming, can anyone help? it'd be such a big help! thanks!! :)957hannah WilliamsThu 31st May, 2012 by Emma
Stats exam06Thandi MphokaWed 16th May, 2012 by Thandi Mphoka
I dont get binomial distribution... helpp!125Ayshh:)Sat 12th May, 2012 by Bradley
has anyone got january 2012 AS edexcel maths paper111JatinderSun 22nd April, 2012 by Maleficent
Has anybody got any statistics revision tools?430LouiseSun 22nd April, 2012 by Caity.
5 Children play musical chairs, why isnt the probability of one of them losing not 0.2?229ChrisSun 22nd April, 2012 by Caity.
how to lay a stastistics courswework519ThanuTue 3rd April, 2012 by sadsad
Help! 0__o111LeahThu 29th March, 2012 by Layla
i need a login and password for mathsnetalevel, coz i forgot mine... HELP...260PrincessMon 31st October, 2011 by ANDY CANDY
difference between binomial and geometric distribution?4180NicolaWed 25th May, 2011 by saraht
GCSE Stats219RoseTue 3rd May, 2011 by Rose
t test or discriminant analysis?05Selwyn StanleySat 5th February, 2011 by Selwyn Stanley
doubts27ThanuFri 28th January, 2011 by Devante