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Is anybody doing La Lengua de las Mariposas for their A2 oral exam, I'd like to discuss some stuff to revise it :)07GraceFri 5th April, 2013 by Grace
Anyone doing the Edexcel AS speaking in April?211RedFri 29th March, 2013 by Red
Any tips for revising for Spanish GCSE?8108MicahFri 29th March, 2013 by Mariska
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I've been studying Spanish at AS Level since September but I'm really beginning to struggle with all the grammar, tenses and vocabulary that I have to learn. Is it worth me carrying it on or should I drop it and focus on my other three subjects (Art, Psyc333Jade KirkMon 7th January, 2013 by Fay
I have to learn a 2 page piece of spanish for my writing GCSE that I am taking in about 4 weeks, how can I remember it all without any mistakes?655Lauren WilliamsMon 7th January, 2013 by Fay
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Can someone check this piece of writing's accuracy? (It's not very accurate)016MatthewMon 9th July, 2012 by Matthew