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what is the role of a monastic sangha?31Lauren ParkerTue 15th October, 2019 by GraceVernorMiles
Why does the design argument lead people to believe in god?75AnonWed 13th March, 2019 by Jerry
what is faithfulness08joelyconnollySun 14th May, 2017 by joelyconnolly
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A2 Ethics paper predictions014ANNII9Wed 20th May, 2015 by ANNII9
'Christian moral teachings is fine in theory but impossible to carry out' Do you agree? Give reasons to show you agree and reasons why someone might disagree (6 marks)04moobinMon 13th October, 2014 by moobin
'Christian moral teachings is fine in theory but impossible to carry out' Do you agree Give reasons to show you agree and reasons why someone might disagree (6 marks)05moobinMon 13th October, 2014 by moobin
does anyone know any good resources for gcse RE long course WJEC please?112mckenzieSun 11th May, 2014 by Cochcat
Keywords for Islam GCSE?10192Lauren WilsonWed 23rd April, 2014 by Trevin2001
"beliefs about life after death dont matter when considering how to look after the dying230meghnaSun 20th October, 2013 by hoverking
AQA R.E Christianity Unit 1 Exam Today?217FutureMedicWed 2nd October, 2013 by FutureMedic
Strengths and weaknesses of Problem of Evil, Utilitarianism, Situation Ethics and Sexual Ethics?113HarrietTue 20th August, 2013 by Alice Deane
Religious studies short course past papers3200one in a millionMon 17th June, 2013 by bonnie
"Moral evil may be the fault of humanity but natural evil is God's fault" Discuss.4101SakuraPikuseruWed 22nd May, 2013 by Alice Deane
does anyone know what the subjects are in the religious studies short course exam, christianity210charlotteMon 20th May, 2013 by sahir yaqoob
Religious Ubringing05LozzieySun 19th May, 2013 by Lozziey
What is The Human Rights Act 1998? What does it involve?225R.PerkinsWed 15th May, 2013 by R.Perkins
Should men should share housework with women?229Megan:)Fri 10th May, 2013 by Kody
I need help with essay writing for my Philosophy and New Testament exams (OCR) ? Also has anyone got the Jan 2013 Past Papers for the two modules mentioned?294AJThu 9th May, 2013 by Matthew Livermore
What are the main things i need to learn for a b/a117AsmaTue 7th May, 2013 by safiyyah khalid
Anybody know in which alevel topics key feature and key ideas are different?02Lauren Jade TutchenerTue 7th May, 2013 by Lauren Jade Tutchener
Exam Q - Explain how an issue of community cohesion was tackled by a form of the media05? Secret - Team GRSun 5th May, 2013 by ? Secret - Team GR
what should i revise016stannis baratheonMon 29th April, 2013 by stannis baratheon
Exam helpp!! :(131Dolly JamesFri 26th April, 2013 by Lottie :)