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Dangers and risks of using a mobile phone?32Maria4 days ago by BillShiphr
Is power and energy the same thing?05mimi012003Fri 9th March, 2018 by mimi012003
Why was JJ Thompson's 'Plum Pudding' model replaced by Rutherford's Nuclear model?13285:) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GRWed 17th January, 2018 by Goodie123
Please help me with Diffraction/ Ripple Tank06ScholarMon 7th March, 2016 by Scholar
Can anyone give me some tips on how to revise for a physics practical! I really want to do well122Sarah CameronTue 9th June, 2015 by bob truma
GCSE P217sofiauchihaFri 29th May, 2015 by Curlot
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Could someone please help me on kinetic energy.227Tutku.DoganFri 18th April, 2014 by Aman
Has anyone got the AQA Physics AS ISA paper from 2013?015JessicaTue 4th March, 2014 by Jessica
What is Half life? and Why did the early universe only contain hydrogen?394:) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GRMon 17th February, 2014 by fatimaa_p
Explain why a drawing pin has a small point on one end and a broad top at the other end235PenruddockeMon 10th February, 2014 by Ragnaros the Firelord
Can anyone help with the 2013 corse work research and questions on helicopters?2174Jessica EayresTue 14th January, 2014 by Jacques13
A particle is moving along a straight line OA with constant acceleration 2m/s squared. At O the particle is moving towards A with speed 5.5m/s. The distance OA is 20m; find the time the particle takes to move from O to A.115Artsy444Tue 10th December, 2013 by Ragnaros the Firelord
Why does the failure of a lamp usually happen just after it's turned on?115HoosieretteSun 3rd November, 2013 by Tilly - Team GR
Explain the benefits of using energy efficient appliances212Cleo02Fri 1st November, 2013 by Hoosierette
What is the difference between emf and terminal potential difference?18HoosieretteFri 1st November, 2013 by Hoosierette
Explain why some appliances are portable and how is it possible?06Cleo02Wed 31st July, 2013 by Cleo02
How is the half value layer used in radiotherapy?01KirsteyWed 26th June, 2013 by Kirstey
Dance is harder than Physics AGREE?377Thomas BagshawTue 11th June, 2013 by George mccarthy
what should i drop next year PHYSICS ?????431flo smithMon 3rd June, 2013 by flo smith
Revision117Crystal Blue ♥Sat 1st June, 2013 by SciTech
GCSE Physics P1 Question4129Crystal Blue ♥Wed 29th May, 2013 by patricia jairos
In the transport equation, what does n stand for?03Tilly - Team GRTue 21st May, 2013 by Tilly - Team GR
Does anyone have the AS OCR physics A G482 january 2013 paper please?138Nelema UddinFri 10th May, 2013 by Max Hazell