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OCR TV Drama AS Visual analysis and representation: How should you structure this half of the exam????228JaneFri 12th May, 2017 by Lucyw31314
Cross Media Study01tbkshahidiThu 11th May, 2017 by tbkshahidi
Media OCR question 1 and 2 predictions 2017?06Lucyw31314Wed 10th May, 2017 by Lucyw31314
Any help on the The Music Press?315Jimmy CrossSat 1st June, 2013 by farah
does anyone know any good resources for gcse media studies television industries?18mckenzieThu 23rd May, 2013 by Joel Brocklehurst
Media A2 Section 1A of OCR Exam145AmySun 12th May, 2013 by Emma
what genres are there in the media?010MissEmilieBethTue 7th May, 2013 by MissEmilieBeth
What is representation in the media and how can you apply this to the elite groups?03MissEmilieBethTue 7th May, 2013 by MissEmilieBeth
my teacher has a feeling the representation of britain could come up... could anyone help me explain it with examples please!332sib663Fri 26th April, 2013 by Alis
How would you revise for an exam on action&adventure unseen extract?18CourtsSun 21st April, 2013 by Cheyenne Meyer
Any revision tips? my exams are on music magazines (conventions)04tamurWed 3rd April, 2013 by tamur
Can you fill this out for me?! thanks!!!!!29SamFri 22nd March, 2013 by Sam
good ideas for a child abuse pif (gcse leve)02natalie allenThu 21st March, 2013 by natalie allen
NEED HELP!!! Media studies A2023SamSat 2nd March, 2013 by Sam
MEDIA AS LEVEL - COVERT AND OVERT111HannahMon 14th January, 2013 by Hannah
does anyone know anything about media studies that would be of use to me?217Bayley-Norton ButcherFri 11th January, 2013 by Chloe Ward
Does anyone have any notes on OCR Media Studies, and tips on textual analysis and representation?1169Trevane RobertsSat 13th October, 2012 by annalise
does anyone have anything revision help for media studies coursework07zoeWed 5th September, 2012 by zoe
How do you think you did in the Media exam today?09KhristineThu 14th June, 2012 by Khristine
Need serious help for media exam tomorrow. Anyone?223fatumaThu 14th June, 2012 by Bails
Who's doing the AQA Media Exam this year? the one about TV Crime Dramas?596clinpsychWed 13th June, 2012 by Prit:)
For the exam on Television Crime Drama, can anyone give me help on what theory to revise for it, and some good sources to revise from18Char LeeTue 12th June, 2012 by Prit:)
Does anyone have any idea as to what questions are more likely to be asked in the AQA Media Studies exam (on Crime Dramas)?03KhristineSun 10th June, 2012 by Khristine
How are people preparing for the AQA GCSE Unit 1 Media Studies exam, on crime dramas?127AmyTue 29th May, 2012 by Prit:)
How did everyone find the WJEC media AS exam?012bbbbbTue 22nd May, 2012 by bbbbb