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what are the qualifications of a magistrate ??314TiffanyFri 25th January, 2019 by repel01
What are the advantages and disadvantages of judicial precedent?61458Lector MosupiTue 25th October, 2016 by Ella.ogu
equity06Becca HWed 16th March, 2016 by Becca H
Privity: Contracts04stella2016Fri 18th September, 2015 by stella2016
criminal law09sl1Thu 21st May, 2015 by sl1
does anyone have any revision notes for law of tort?011sophieSun 23rd March, 2014 by sophie
does any one have notes on public law?? and any useful techniques for answering exam questions?010MThu 2nd May, 2013 by M
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27107Waqar Khanny :)Thu 2nd May, 2013 by M
Has Any One Got Any Notes On Robbery ?212nerissaWed 1st May, 2013 by nerissa
Does anybody have an incline which topics will be coming up in the English legal system written exam( 14th May)?125Sarah FieldingMon 22nd April, 2013 by Former Member
01. Briefly explain what is meant by the doctrine of Parliamentary supremacy. Outline one limitation on this doctrine5251TasnimSat 20th April, 2013 by aysha
What best a - level subjects are good to continue a degree in law at university. I've already chose History, English Literature & Sociology, I now need a last one420MarySun 14th April, 2013 by Charlotte
AS LAW SAMPLE ESSAYS?!023CharlotteSat 13th April, 2013 by Charlotte
Does anyone remember the questions from the jan 2013 AQA paper for civil04SarahThu 21st March, 2013 by Sarah
how to answer a application question?127zaraWed 6th March, 2013 by luiza
AS LAW OCR EXAM - What did you think??233Former MemberThu 14th February, 2013 by Former Member
if you do the BVC or BPTC to become a barristor, can you go back for a LPC or something else to become a solicitor?315teyanaMon 11th February, 2013 by rishi
What's the key thing about a2 law exam that you would recommend? anyone? :)435Shahnaz PeerboccusTue 15th January, 2013 by Shahnaz Peerboccus
any advice on how to get through my sources of law exam on tuesday ?315Emily mohunMon 14th January, 2013 by Brez
Can someone tell me how to answer the AS sources of law 15 and 30 markr226RajaKThu 10th January, 2013 by Alice
Know the information but I don't know how to write it all into an exam answer?09StudentWed 9th January, 2013 by Student
Disadvantages and advantages of jury2632MildredMon 7th January, 2013 by Zoe
Insanity and Automatism275nicoleMon 7th January, 2013 by nicole
Can anyone explain briefly the difference between: Orders in council, Statutory instruments and By-laws?163ZoeSat 5th January, 2013 by Former Member
If I do the BPTC to become a barristor can I still go back to become a solicitor if I ever change my mind because I am not 100% sure. If so, what are the methods avaliable?05teyanaSat 29th December, 2012 by teyana