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Notes for Ovid's Metamorphoses Book 3, lines 511-733?010CordeliaRoseTue 19th April, 2016 by CordeliaRose
Is it worth doing a Latin GCSE?018.soph.Mon 9th February, 2015 by .soph.
Does anyone here study book 12 of Virgil's Aeneid?341KatyHud:)Thu 9th May, 2013 by Sunset
Does anyone have any tips for doing well (A/A*) in GCSE verse, Virgil?239MillieSat 20th April, 2013 by km
Latin Prose Literature OCR 2013 - Sagae Thessalae1108Henry EdwardsMon 15th April, 2013 by Amicable but Opinionated
Can someone please explain the difference between gerunds, gerundives, and present participles!?117AlexThu 4th April, 2013 by blessing
Does anyone want to revise together on skype?154jpizzleSun 25th November, 2012 by KundaiK
What is a declention? i.e. first, second and third declentions?223EmilyWed 29th August, 2012 by Emily
What is the difference with all the different endings i.e. vocative, ablative etc..210EmilyWed 29th August, 2012 by Emily
Is there an easy way to learn case endings?556furuba fanSat 16th June, 2012 by km
Germanicus and piso notes anyone?3107latinianSat 9th June, 2012 by Alice Horn
anyone..latin ocr anthology; omens and portents (livy, pliny and suetonius) thanks :)020lovinglifeFri 8th June, 2012 by lovinglife
latin literature GCSE....*gulp*

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46892MoggerfrogMon 28th May, 2012 by hoppy
struggling to remember virgil?285JennMon 7th May, 2012 by Bomsxx
Does anyone know the english translations for the OCR Latin GCSE Prose for Regulus by Pliny and Sagae Thessalae?1138MikaTue 24th April, 2012 by Fiddle
what do you do for a prose exam?220simSat 21st April, 2012 by Fiddle
I was wondering if someone could post some revision notes on the analysis of Virgil's text Aeneid Book 2 lines 298 - 792 thanks131grace beaneyWed 18th April, 2012 by Annie
Any tips on how to revise/learn latin prose for GCSE?3380AlexSun 15th April, 2012 by ljk
Difference between Latin, Classics and Classical civilisation A levels?235furuba fanSun 13th November, 2011 by furuba fan
did anyone else notice the mistake in the literature paper 1?521samaraWed 22nd June, 2011 by samara
what is the background of the GCSE prose and verse?312HannahBananaTue 21st June, 2011 by samara
Latin prose & verse523hiuu billyMon 20th June, 2011 by self-confessed worrier :/
GCSE Latin Language 1 and 2 (Thu 9th and 16th June)14209FiddleSat 18th June, 2011 by R
How do you translate a gerundive?361Sophie BoltonSat 18th June, 2011 by Moggerfrog
Help with Latin Please! :)527Z95Thu 9th June, 2011 by Former Member