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Anyone doing History A2 Coursework (AQA) and have any tips? Completely stuck on what books to read/how to structure essay.812Former MemberThu 14th May, 2020 by OliverJordan09
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In the Weimar republic history GCSE papers, are there many source based questions or are they written answers from knowledge?222Georgina Eve StanleyThu 18th January, 2018 by alex123
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China 1900-197005alexafyFri 7th October, 2016 by alexafy
Russia and its Rulers 1855 - 196404skye_tannerMon 6th June, 2016 by skye_tanner
Anyone have any good resources for HIS3G British State and People 1865-1915?115Jamie BassettWed 30th December, 2015 by Rachel
Key characters for Warfare in Britain UNIT 2 EXAM03maya_butcherThu 30th April, 2015 by maya_butcher
Ask me for notes on Edexcel AS History!122Georgie RobinsonMon 13th April, 2015 by DarrenSmith
Has anyone got any A2 Protest, Crisis and Rebellion 1536-88 example questions? (Edexcel)07eleanorfarnoldSat 10th January, 2015 by eleanorfarnold
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The State and British people 1918 - 196406chloe sharplessMon 26th May, 2014 by chloe sharpless
poverty public health and the growth of the government in britain 1830-7508trushaMon 19th May, 2014 by trusha
Does anyone have any examples of Richard III being ambitious?18LydiaSat 10th May, 2014 by tombstoneblues
Lutheran Reformation?06Sophie Elizabeth CoffeySat 3rd May, 2014 by Sophie Elizabeth Coffey
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