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What are the advantages and disadvantages of representative democracy in the uk51362JackTue 27th September, 2016 by 16deerlouis
to what extent is there conflict between the judiciary and the executive in the UK?5655Gabby TraceyWed 30th March, 2016 by EmilyBadillxo
What topics do people revise for the exam?04Google upWed 26th February, 2014 by Google up
What topics do people revise for the exam?02Google upWed 26th February, 2014 by Google up
How can I answer the essays quicker?129HannahTue 19th November, 2013 by Aisling Marie
A good introduction to politics?04tikabuzzTue 9th July, 2013 by tikabuzz
Timings for the Unit 1 exam08Naomi ArnoldTue 14th May, 2013 by Naomi Arnold
Unit 2 Government and Politics exam.152Rhiannon BrittenTue 23rd April, 2013 by Ollyxxx
Assess the view that the UK judiciary is politically independent from the executive08HarryTue 16th April, 2013 by Harry
Does anyone know any resources which would help answer this 40 mark question "is the UK pm effectively a president "06NazmiaTue 16th April, 2013 by Nazmia
A2 Government and Politics Unit 3A and 4A3221AnishaTue 2nd April, 2013 by Amina
Evaluate the View that Division in the Executive and Dominance of The OFMDFM Have Prevented the Executive From Effectively Governing NI Since 2007.05MajaSat 2nd March, 2013 by Maja
To what extent can the British Constitution be seen as 'outdated'?1135chloe herbertWed 27th February, 2013 by Michaela
Jan 2013 Edexcel GCE Politics Unit 14123ax5zaSat 26th January, 2013 by Rlove
A2 Unit 4 - UNITED VS DIVIDED GOVERNMENT010Roxy Khan-WilliamsSun 20th January, 2013 by Roxy Khan-Williams
Is anyone sitting the A2 AQA Gov and Politics exam on the 16th Jan 2013?037GiuliaFri 11th January, 2013 by Giulia
'individual party members have little or no power with the uk main parties. Assess the accuracy of this view.017katherineMon 3rd December, 2012 by katherine
how is labour undemocratic?012saraSun 25th November, 2012 by sara
To what extent is representative democracy superior than direct democracy?018ax5zaTue 2nd October, 2012 by ax5za
I just wanted to know what kind of topics will be studied in A2?117Tania Fahmeda HudaSat 15th September, 2012 by Alex
really need basics on the USA politics!013Gabby TraceyWed 1st August, 2012 by Gabby Tracey
A2 Government and Politics027charSun 10th June, 2012 by char
AQA AS UNIT 2 GOV AND POL. 21ST MAY024HannahSat 19th May, 2012 by Hannah
constitution219sikemi ifederuSat 19th May, 2012 by ClainDeLune Darlington
Edexcel exam tomorrow- any tips?252Z95Tue 15th May, 2012 by Z95