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How to revise for German A2?229ZoeFri 8th April, 2016 by phoebefae
What does "Zentrale Abschlussprüfung 10" mean?111HoosieretteFri 3rd May, 2013 by Alys
Help on remember vocab for listening and reading papers05HannahWed 1st May, 2013 by Hannah
how is the best way to revise for a gcse in german because i find reading and listening papers hard!132yasmin nikookamThu 28th March, 2013 by janet m
I have a speaking exam coming up in May and i have to revise two pages of German of by heart, how can i do this?!431LäuraWed 27th March, 2013 by H
How should I revise for my German A2 exam??? Any advice127Little Sweety GirlTue 26th March, 2013 by Laura Barnes
Please could you check my sentences228Zammi10Sun 3rd March, 2013 by Bethan
What are the basic sentence structures to follow?328MackenzieThu 28th February, 2013 by Blue
Is German A Level a big step from GCSE?9116Anjali YFri 8th February, 2013 by Priya
Could someone please explain to me inversion010JessicaWed 23rd January, 2013 by Jessica
Sprechst du Deutsch?949HazzaThu 17th January, 2013 by Anjali Y
whats the best way to keep yourself focused if you get distracted easily?213LivvySat 12th January, 2013 by Rebekah Burman
what is the best way to learn the speaking controlled assessments122Hannah CarterSat 29th December, 2012 by EstherTheBunny
Anybody else doing AS German without GCSE? How are people finding it?04RhiannonWed 5th December, 2012 by Rhiannon
Quitting German IGCSE113Andrew WuWed 28th November, 2012 by Stephanie
Did anyone do German AS, Edexcel? If so, how were your results?120Former MemberSat 3rd November, 2012 by Samuel Haddon
Do you speak fluent German? HELP!!!!!!!021amyThu 25th October, 2012 by amy
can someone please help me with the datative and accusative cases i'm really confused!! thank you:) xxxx119Alex:) xxxMon 1st October, 2012 by Former Member
German, AQA Unit 2 - revision topics?130R.Mon 25th June, 2012 by Dilly
I was just wondering whether anyone took the OCR German GCSE Listening exam on Monday the 18th?03Stephanie17Fri 22nd June, 2012 by Stephanie17
what is the best way to revise when i have the test the next day?222Prabhi xxWed 20th June, 2012 by Prabhi xx
Anyone do the German listening exam yesterday?112JoanneTue 19th June, 2012 by Dilly
Does anyone have any good websites for GCSE German revision?331LibbySat 16th June, 2012 by Joanne
What are the listening and reading german exams actually about? Anything or the topics we just did or..?215Brittany YeoMon 11th June, 2012 by Brittany Yeo
Is anyone choosing German for their A-Level?738PriyaWed 6th June, 2012 by Sophie