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Induction again..... -FP1 OCR128Charlotte WildingTue 27th May, 2014 by DaveMorris1
Fp2 help122Lauren Jade TutchenerTue 27th May, 2014 by DaveMorris1
Further maths GCSE revision resources?41017ElleMon 10th March, 2014 by fahmida yasmin
how is the A2 maths maximised using AS further? Edexcel111Chloe ThornWed 27th February, 2013 by Lauren Jade Tutchener
I really need help with revision tips on decision 1 ocr? Everyone says that this is meant to be easy but I find it impossible to understand D:435SSWed 20th February, 2013 by Anni95
Has anyone got some useful notes/tips on Further Pure 1? It would be very much appreciated!129RachelWed 20th February, 2013 by Chloe Thorn
Help on series using sigma notation??121NataliaMon 19th November, 2012 by Nixon
find the roots of the equation z^2=21-20i, how are they related in the argand diagram215SSMon 12th November, 2012 by SS
Anyone sitting the Level 2 AQA Further Maths paper tomorrow?233Sophie :o)Sun 10th June, 2012 by Sophie :o)
Remembering Transformation Matrices? (GCSE further maths)272Naomi ArnoldThu 31st May, 2012 by Sophie :o)
Does anybody know the grade boundaries for OCR FSMQ? Many thanks.024Joe MarshallMon 28th May, 2012 by Joe Marshall
Decision Mathematics 2329jennahxmaiThu 24th May, 2012 by sammiecaine
FP1 - can anyone do interval bisection when sin is involved?122Lauren Jade TutchenerTue 20th March, 2012 by Maleficent
Anyone need any help??757Lauren Jade TutchenerMon 19th March, 2012 by Tasnim
Any body doing fp2/m2 ?948Zeeshan AhmadSun 18th March, 2012 by Zeeshan Ahmad
Anyone got any good techniques with Induction? (FP1 - OCR)226Charlotte WildingMon 13th February, 2012 by Charlotte Wilding
Why are their noo topics/discussions/people here people?!1055Charlotte WildingTue 31st January, 2012 by Charlotte Wilding
Can anyone help me understand matrix multiplication?434timSun 1st January, 2012 by Zeeshan Ahmad