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Help translating english to french121Alma White RuizSat 28th January, 2012 by rahul_ka
I need to expand on my answer on my opinion on public transport but I'm not sure what else to say?225KhalidSun 22nd January, 2012 by Saskiaaaa <3
Is there a way of saying step brother in french?518BlytheFri 13th January, 2012 by Omletty
Does anyone have a writing exam on the nineteenth?37BlytheMon 9th January, 2012 by Blythe
I have an oral exam next week and im am not prepared at all and really nervous. Do you have any tips on how to get the best grade and any revision tips ?416Tashaa'Mon 2nd January, 2012 by Jenna
French speaking assessment.313bushraMon 19th December, 2011 by Rory
Help! I need to learn an ESSAY in french- has anyone got any tips?462HeatherThu 15th December, 2011 by Heather
French GCSE retakes .... writing -.-38Ragnaros the FirelordTue 13th December, 2011 by aliimz
who has done their French exam in June 2011?13LisaWed 7th December, 2011 by ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Can someone read this out in french so i can listen to it?18Former MemberSun 4th December, 2011 by Former Member
Help with GCSE yr 10 french oral718Alma RuizMon 28th November, 2011 by nat
French Listening and Reading2272AimeeMon 21st November, 2011 by Aimee
What's the best way to revise for a close reading French exam?110AimeeSat 12th November, 2011 by aliimz
ALOT of Help with writing26Alma RuizMon 31st October, 2011 by mimi
how do you tell the difference between past imperfect and past perfect tenses ??24Leah BloomfieldMon 31st October, 2011 by Fred
Does anyone have a good vocab list for all the words needed for igcse French09alexWed 26th October, 2011 by alex
how do you spot the conditional and imperfect tenses in french ??12Leah BloomfieldWed 12th October, 2011 by I P B
Any ideas on French OCR AS Oral topics?143DaliaSat 1st October, 2011 by Nora
Need help in GCSE french speaking!17laura sandersThu 30th June, 2011 by Get Revising Moderator 2
HELP! Im doing a french speaking GCSE and i have nothing on the topic: sport and leisure!16laura sandersWed 29th June, 2011 by Josie
Has anyone got any french speaking exam tips?15katieTue 28th June, 2011 by mimi
French writing exam A2479StacyWed 8th June, 2011 by Get Revising Moderator 2
Edxcel French GCSE listening paper? May 16th 20111312MirandaSun 5th June, 2011 by Chloe Thorn
Layout for speaking / existing pieces83KamilFri 3rd June, 2011 by Kelly:)
Has anyone got a list of the AQA AS French 'Expressions Cles'?18Ben ShearsFri 3rd June, 2011 by Ellen Morris