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what is the best way to revise for a frenmch listenign exam?844faizan rashidThu 3rd May, 2012 by Sabah x
Could anyone look over my work please :)240GeorgiaSun 29th April, 2012 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR
I'm currently doing Unit 8 of my French FCSE's, which do you find is the best way to memorize your items for the Writing exam?313EvieSun 29th April, 2012 by FutureMedic
Does anyone know the best way to revise for a french oral/speaking exam by Friday, because my memory is not that good!!! plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!395Georgina FTue 24th April, 2012 by Georgina F
Does anyone know where I can read Twilight online in French?333Georgia SowdenSun 22nd April, 2012 by FutureMedic
How are people revising for their AS French speaking exams?226julietThu 19th April, 2012 by juliet
How do people revise French?475Sarah ReadThu 19th April, 2012 by Kate Westall
Qu'est-ce que tu fais normalement pendant les vacances?990? Secret - Team GRThu 12th April, 2012 by ? Secret - Team GR
SPEAKING AND WRITING CONTROLLED ASSESSMENT!!!215sumaiyah mohammedMon 9th April, 2012 by Lauren
Year 11 French Students needed!665Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GRSun 8th April, 2012 by Olive d(>w<)b
Does anybody know any good ways of revising french for the reading and listening exams?434Kate WestallMon 2nd April, 2012 by Samiya R.
Can someone please check some of my French work?120HavingNoWorriesSun 1st April, 2012 by Kate Westall
How can i learn my french speaking?755sarahSat 31st March, 2012 by Kate Westall
French Practice!751FutureMedicThu 22nd March, 2012 by Bakang Moholo
Has anyone got any exam tips for reading or listening papers?233JessicaWed 21st March, 2012 by Yasmin
When I'm talking about the right person (he's male) do you refer to him as "la bon person" or "la bonne personne"?216HollyMon 19th March, 2012 by Freddie Peppiatt
It's my first french speaking exam tomorrow, any tips?5102KhalidSun 4th March, 2012 by Chloe Sides
Expanding points014Hilary BrennockTue 21st February, 2012 by Hilary Brennock
french gender confustion :S436;)Tue 21st February, 2012 by Sam Pester
Please could someone give me some tips for remembering my writing controlled assessment429OmlettySat 18th February, 2012 by Omletty
Just wondering if this is a good film review...635Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GRSat 18th February, 2012 by Meghna
How to say..,..537Alma White RuizThu 16th February, 2012 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR
does anyone know if i can get the sound track for past listening papers (AQA)?217;)Mon 13th February, 2012 by ;)
Help with coursework on diet68Alma White RuizWed 1st February, 2012 by Alma White Ruiz
Hi has anyone done the french speaking exam for French Gcse year 10?422SannaWed 1st February, 2012 by Sanna