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Does anyone have any notes/ essay examples for child language acquisition?20:) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GRMon 18th May, 2020 by Colin44
Does anyone have any paper 2 aqa new spec revision material (mainly for theorists)01419charly089Fri 29th April, 2016 by 19charly089
any tips on paper 2 new eng lang a-level??08justbeuTue 1st December, 2015 by justbeu
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GCSE Year 11 iGCSE English Language05Molly_wemyssMon 19th October, 2015 by Molly_wemyss
how do i structure my as level essay on 3 texts? question is ow do they all use language to achieve purpose?06RahimRazaqSun 26th October, 2014 by RahimRazaq
English Language Exam November 2013015Pixie~Flirt (:Thu 31st October, 2013 by Pixie~Flirt (:
How hard is English Language at AS and A2 level?450Former MemberSun 6th October, 2013 by HumairaaP09
Accent Discrimination03BiancaFri 5th July, 2013 by Bianca
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Viewpoint and attitude??08:) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GRMon 3rd June, 2013 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR
How are people revising for the AS English Language exam coming up?450hollie gregoryThu 23rd May, 2013 by Nitasha
English Talk - How to make a dull topic interesting?19SunsetWed 22nd May, 2013 by Vinci7
please is there any english gcse need to know how to do a flyer16CHLOEZWed 1st May, 2013 by Former Member
please is there any english gcse need to know how to do a flyer00CHLOEZTue 30th April, 2013 by CHLOEZ
How hard is English Language at AS and A2 level?010Former MemberSun 28th April, 2013 by Former Member
How would I structure an A2 language change answer in the exam?9700AliceMon 22nd April, 2013 by Georgia
What topic will be really interesting and great to discuss about for a speaking and listening assessment at GCSE?28halimahSat 20th April, 2013 by HumairaaP09
English language groupings116RazeenahTue 9th April, 2013 by Georgia
What is easier to concentrate on at English Language Power or Gender?213Hannah McGlynnTue 9th April, 2013 by Georgia
Eng Lang112HumaSun 7th April, 2013 by Aimee
Language and power / language and gender?128emmaSat 16th March, 2013 by Georgia
Where are there AQA English Language B - a level example answers?3345CharlotteWed 6th March, 2013 by Bethany Cunningham
grouping texts544laurenWed 6th March, 2013 by Bethany Cunningham