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Is there a difference between 'smart fabrics' and 'modern fabrics'?261millie..Wed 22nd May, 2013 by Anonymousss
what is the difference between a mood board and a presentation board?138HollieSun 5th May, 2013 by Helen
Does anyone have a view of the Jan2013 AQA A-Level Past Paper for Textiles?06bacall beckhamWed 17th April, 2013 by bacall beckham
A designer has a choice of the following fabrics for a dressing gown: cotton towelling, polyester satin, polyester fleece. Critically evaluate the suitability of cotton towelling fabric for chldrens dressing gowns? (6 marks)133Emily SensierTue 2nd April, 2013 by Jessica Lomas
Good resources on the designer John Galliano or Vivienne Westwood, thanks14FfionFri 29th March, 2013 by PJJones
GCSE AQA Textiles559genius55Fri 8th March, 2013 by Darlene
does anyone know what will be in textiles gcse i got a mock exam coming up now so please help!!06GrytaWed 5th December, 2012 by Gryta
Who is my target market?! Help! x328millie..Mon 8th October, 2012 by Skittles
Textiles students - services offered! ;D544Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GRWed 12th September, 2012 by genius55
does anyone have good notes to study about edexcel textiles?110saqqarWed 20th June, 2012 by elianaaa1802
What will I need to revise for my textiles exam on the 21st june122rebeccaMon 11th June, 2012 by Angel_786
what do I need to revise for textiles?05Erika PickardFri 8th June, 2012 by Erika Pickard
Im just wondering who did the coursework question where you had to make a home furnishing inspired by a different country and what other people made?04CharlotteTue 5th June, 2012 by Charlotte
What will I need to know for the 21st June textiles exam123JPopatMon 21st May, 2012 by Robyn Victoria Gaines
Whats the difference between a smart material and a modern material?1163Imogen MooreSun 29th April, 2012 by Lisa
What do i have to write for the evaluation?19HelenaMon 16th April, 2012 by Katie Bambury
what questions are going to be in the textiles exam theme art deco39sadiaMon 13th February, 2012 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR
hey, im going to do my textiles exam (art deco)tomorrow morning, & i really dont know what to revise for. has anyone done the exam, and know what it is about??

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2618LisaSat 17th December, 2011 by RubyRed
can someone help me with textiles im really confused26sadiaSat 10th December, 2011 by sadia
Help for textiles AQA GCSE exam11188soniaMon 5th December, 2011 by Lisa
What are the advantages and disadvantages of decorative techniques?054LizzieSat 15th October, 2011 by Lizzie

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96105GeorginaTue 30th August, 2011 by Georgina
Are regenerated fabrics sustainable?13Kim PhillipsTue 21st June, 2011 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR
AQA Properties of Fibres and Fabrics317TayaMaireadThu 16th June, 2011 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR
does any one have any information that is useful for me to be able to revise for my textile exam. i mean like a past papers and the answer.25estherThu 26th May, 2011 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR