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can anyone help me with my cafe culture coursework ?11devilledeggsFri 12th October, 2018 by aidaalmasi
Is any one doing the "Great British Bake off" course work?447febinSat 8th June, 2013 by sharna young
Does anyone doing AQA have the Design Criteria for the exam please?316Chloe-mayWed 8th May, 2013 by Shaye :)
Please does anyone what day the OCR food technology exam is? I am trying to create a revision timetable so I need the date. I can't find it on the OCR website.117Damilola FasoyiroWed 10th April, 2013 by Isabel Stansbury
edexel gcse food tech03danielle travesSun 31st March, 2013 by danielle traves
AQA Food Tec Biscuits Question662HollyWed 27th March, 2013 by ? Secret - Team GR
Has anyone got any resources on COMMODITIES for a catering exam?111PollyMon 18th March, 2013 by JessToLetYouKnow
Most important areas to cover in revision for GCSE Food exam?535MicahSun 17th March, 2013 by Micah
Is anybody doing the AQA gcse food technology gcse exam on the 16th may 2012 and on the eatwell plate and pasta23263StewartSun 16th December, 2012 by Naomi Bouvresse
How to revise08PollySun 18th November, 2012 by Polly
Help ! How do u revise :s731? Secret - Team GRSat 15th September, 2012 by Alex
Food Technology AS exam 22nd May225Natasha NaeemTue 22nd May, 2012 by Emma (admin)
Is anybody doing the food technology aqa gcse exam in may the 16th? on the eatwell plate and pasta foods1091StewartThu 17th May, 2012 by Stewart
How did evyone find the food tech exam today 16th may??? :D671StewartWed 16th May, 2012 by Heidi
what is sugar and fat foods needed for on gcse food tech05AmyWed 16th May, 2012 by Amy
Aqa food tech gcse tomorrow section A pasta products; do we need make the pasta itself?444TerrieTue 15th May, 2012 by Stewart
Can somebody help and give me two ideas for my food tech exam aqa my research context is: the eatwell plate and my design theme is: pasta products with labels and functions etc pleaseee234StewartMon 14th May, 2012 by Stewart
anybody doing the exam tomorrow?618georgeaSun 13th May, 2012 by Stewart
What do u think the design criteria will be this year for the food tech gcse exam?01StewartSun 13th May, 2012 by Stewart
Food tech exam wednesday 16th may AQA08StewartSat 12th May, 2012 by Stewart
Does anbody have any websites or info on industrial equipment?02StewartThu 10th May, 2012 by Stewart
Can somebody create a quiz on the eatwell plate and nutreints or environmental issues e.g. food miles/ organic or fair trade foods03StewartTue 8th May, 2012 by Stewart
good ways to revise?314georgeaTue 1st May, 2012 by Kate Westall
Food tech exam May 17th AQA536StewartTue 1st May, 2012 by Kate Westall
Does anybody have a username & password for the e-AQA past papers?0372StewartTue 1st May, 2012 by Stewart