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My school starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday. How do I change my study planner for the school to be on Sunday to Thursday rather than Monday?04jinnie_chTue 24th September, 2019 by jinnie_ch
How do you favourite resources?01grove062Thu 1st August, 2019 by grove062
how do i save a revision resource?16luissaygnFri 10th May, 2019 by [FØrบϻ爪ØderatØr] MatthewSmithSurprisinglyRevising
Why won't my flashcards save?13MadisonxoWed 24th April, 2019 by [FØrบϻ爪ØderatØr] MatthewSmithSurprisinglyRevising
get revising app128calumFri 29th March, 2019 by [FØrบϻ爪ØderatØr] MatthewSmithSurprisinglyRevising
Counterfeit Banknotes And Documents For Sale([email protected])16wilsonmoore973Fri 29th March, 2019 by [FØrบϻ爪ØderatØr] MatthewSmithSurprisinglyRevising
Study Planner11104Ragnaros the FirelordFri 29th March, 2019 by [FØrบϻ爪ØderatØr] MatthewSmithSurprisinglyRevising
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50131Miranda WFri 4th January, 2019 by komssharma
Where did my resources go?1748Tilly - Team GRTue 1st January, 2019 by hkaur25
Printing Mindmaps010oliviajade26Tue 3rd April, 2018 by oliviajade26
Why can't I download my mindmaps as PDFs?08yasminrmalikSun 18th March, 2018 by yasminrmalik
How do you rename a resource?08SW24Tue 2nd January, 2018 by SW24
Flashcards16459Pete Langley - Get Revising founderWed 15th November, 2017 by 12mzainab
Where is the online chat window?234CornettoSat 29th April, 2017 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR
I made 2 resources today and published them but they don't appear? Anyway I can resolve this?15alishamunsonTue 21st March, 2017 by Pete Langley - Get Revising founder
NEED PARTICIPANTS05JulieTue 22nd November, 2016 by Julie
2 week time table???027butterflyonawebMon 3rd October, 2016 by butterflyonaweb
Where has the add to favourites button gone?015Summer_Mon 18th April, 2016 by Summer_
Is there a feature that lets you differentiate 2 exams for the same subject?06pink.lemonadeTue 26th January, 2016 by pink.lemonade
deleting messaging??010justbeuTue 1st December, 2015 by justbeu
How do I turn my mind map into a PDF file?020holly_marshallWed 21st October, 2015 by holly_marshall
Is anyone else having problems with when you click save all your work is deleted?8111AlexMon 19th October, 2015 by Shannon1232
Can't you do anything without subscribing?3133arshad97Wed 10th June, 2015 by mbeales
My resources! I had pages of them and now I have only 4 left on my account141FutureMedicFri 1st May, 2015 by Liv001
Free weekend feedback112Ben - AdminSat 4th April, 2015 by Grg smriti