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More resources for Welsh students123HannahFri 8th June, 2012 by Kelleigh
revision cards540Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GRFri 8th June, 2012 by Kelleigh
Video Maker Tool?555ConnorThu 7th June, 2012 by Connor
is there any way of quickly finding all the things ive created (ie getting on my page)?325Né MThu 7th June, 2012 by Re-Re
Tutorials?326KelleighThu 7th June, 2012 by Leah
How to get points on get revising??

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42262De-AnnaThu 7th June, 2012 by Charlotte
Revision Subject forums for people to subscribe/join to233Jessica Katherine FletcherThu 7th June, 2012 by Muzz :P
Mindmaps?549JoanneThu 7th June, 2012 by Lauren
Class groups???223KelleighThu 7th June, 2012 by aliimz
There should be easier access to things like revision groups to make it easier for people to study together!542NoirRoseWed 6th June, 2012 by Kelleigh
Resources for younger students539GeorgiaWed 6th June, 2012 by Muzz :P
I think there should be more colour and font options for the Revision cards.956CharlotteWed 6th June, 2012 by Charlotte
No German.984JoanneTue 5th June, 2012 by Nuha
Correct time on discussions1260GeorgiaTue 5th June, 2012 by Georgia
Add a chat room where students can talk to teachers17118simranTue 5th June, 2012 by simran
Making it easier to find the right resource.320LaurenTue 5th June, 2012 by Neon
Blocking?653NeonMon 4th June, 2012 by Neon
Group Chats?24120Chloe-mayMon 4th June, 2012 by Neon
Get Revising 'helper'?11103NuhaSat 2nd June, 2012 by Neon
The 'getrevising' online web chat cam!1371Jessica Katherine FletcherSat 2nd June, 2012 by Neon
IGCSE455Joe HewittSat 2nd June, 2012 by Neon
push notifications?340lolSat 2nd June, 2012 by Neon
helper/ ranking system225Ragnaros the FirelordSat 2nd June, 2012 by Neon
Views on resources332GeorgiaSat 2nd June, 2012 by Neon
Sorting Revision Resources334SophieSat 2nd June, 2012 by Neon