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wheres this going?08Pete Barnes: GR DirectorTue 12th March, 2013 by Pete Barnes: GR Director
Cannot create a new mindmap have done quite a few of these before but for some reason now unable to create a new one - please can you help?04Jack YourenWed 6th March, 2013 by Jack Youren
Would it be possible to make the search engine more tailored to the person searching161Chloe ThornMon 4th March, 2013 by Pete Langley - Get Revising founder
I am not able to add in my own commitments to my timetable121EmilySun 3rd March, 2013 by Former Member
I am not able to add in my own commitments to my timetable018EmilySat 2nd March, 2013 by Emily
Have I gone crazy but has the discussions button disappeared?214evie4learningThu 28th February, 2013 by evie4learning
gcses114SaimaSat 23rd February, 2013 by MachoNachoNinja
I just created a quiz but the link takes me to someone else's quiz! What's happened and how do I get to my quiz?02HannahMon 18th February, 2013 by Hannah
I have about 11 weeks until my GCSE exams, and have really put off revising, will 10-11 weeks be long enough to really get a good understanding of all my subjects for my GCSE's?120Dom FMon 28th January, 2013 by izzy
ive completed a mind map and published it but why is it saying it is incomplete when it isnt?317Emma CarsonSun 13th January, 2013 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR
Why does the revision timetable allocate far more time to some of my subjects even though I set the priority sliders all to the middle?158ZaraSat 5th January, 2013 by Eleanor Shapland
when i click the calculator sign nothing happens..ive started from scratch a few times but it still dosent work..what shall i do?116nazmeenThu 27th December, 2012 by WeTheKings
WHY ISNT THE REVISION TIMETABLE WORKING!!!!!!447Liz:)Thu 20th December, 2012 by Sabah
Could we/do we have an extended project discussion page?333Former MemberSat 1st December, 2012 by ? Secret - Team GR
The timetable does not work!!! HELP!!! :)07Holl van DrielSat 27th October, 2012 by Holl van Driel
Is there a get revising app?687PhoebeFri 19th October, 2012 by we-cant-sing-we-act
Can't Print Revision Notes?024Pixie~Flirt (:Sun 30th September, 2012 by Pixie~Flirt (:
How do you edit the resource once it's uploaded? E.g. change the description?141Ottilie WilliamsWed 12th September, 2012 by Alex
Discussions16KtlnTue 11th September, 2012 by Alex
Exam boards1174Kate WestallWed 22nd August, 2012 by Alice Deane
There should be notifications!550Bethany CunninghamWed 15th August, 2012 by Ktln
Video18Miles Curtis WatsonWed 11th July, 2012 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR
More sub-topics by level in the discussion. E.g. Biology->GCSE/AS/A2/University326FutureMedicTue 10th July, 2012 by Annika Mathews
No users online???17132LeahMon 9th July, 2012 by Braniac
Show correct answer on quizzes.1066JoanneFri 6th July, 2012 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR