Yuille and Cutshall Evaluation

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  • Yuille and Cutshall Evaluation
    • + Eco Valid: witnessed a real life event of a shooting.
      • - Pps. interviewed 5 months later which would not happen.
    • - Generalizable
      • - Event was particularly shocking and stressful which is not reflective of other eyewitness events.
    • + DC
      • + Pps. would expect to be interviewed after witnessing crimes.
    • - Opposing Study: Loftus and Palmer found change in verbs for leading Qs affect recall.
    • Lack of control over EVs.
      • Mood, media and seeing reports on the events lowers the validity of their own recall.
    • + Reliability: Vigorous scoring used to ensure controlled comparison between police and researcher interviews
      • - only 13 pps. so may have pps variables or researcher bias..


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