Yuille and Cutshall Description

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  • Yuille and Cutshall
    • Aim
      • See if misleading questions regarding shooting result in inaccurate recall.
    • Description
      • Field experiment on 21 pps.
        • Witnessed real life shooting.
      • Thief entered shop, tied up proprietor, stole money and guns.
        • Owner freed himself, took revolver and went outside.
          • Confronted thief, thief shot owner 2 times, owner shot thief 6 times killing him.
      • Police interviewed 21 witnesses.
        • 13 re-interviewed five months later.
          • Used same interview procedure.
            • Account given first then asked questions.
          • Ages 15-32
          • 2 misleading questions asked.
            • Half asked about 'the' busted headlight.
            • Half about 'a' busted headlight.
            • Half 'a' and 'the' yellow queater panel.
              • It was blue
          • Rated stress on a likert scale.
    • Results
      • Recall was accurate despite leading Qs.
        • 10 witnesses unaffected.
      • more stress = better recall
      • witnesses with central viewpoint more accurate than peripheral view.
    • Conclusion
      • Leading Qs do not affect real life situations.
      • Weapon focus does not always affect recall.


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