Yr 9 Computing

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  • Yr 9 Computer Science
    • Ciphers
      • Transposition
        • A cipher which to use you had to rearrange the alphabet  by a predetermined key
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      • Ceaser
        • The ceaser cipher was used by the romans to communicate without being found out so easily by the opposition
        • This cipher was named by the creator Julius ceaser
        • Messages encrypted with this cipher were not hard to decipher so message would not be secret for long
      • Substitution
        • substitution cipher is a unit of plain text changed into ciphertext
      • Cipher text is coded text and plain text has not been encrypted
      • A key is the way needed to find the actual text out
    • Python
      • Data types
        • Booleon
          • A variable that only has two outcomes either true or false
        • Intergers
          • Any whole number
        • Float
          • Any number with a decimal in it
        • String
          • A string is any character or number
      • Loops
        • for
        • while
      • A variable is a storage are in the memory of a computer given a label. The contents of the variable can be changed throughout a program


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