Youth in the 1960's

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  • Youth in the 1960's
    • Education
      • In the 1960's most areas of Britain had a grammar school and secondary schools
      • Grammar school pupils went on to university where as secondary school pupils left at 14 or 15 to find work
      • To get into grammar school you had to pass the 11+ test
      • When working class students did make it into grammar school they didn't fit in with the other children
    • Fashion
      • In the 60's music and fashion went hand in hand. Popstars tried to outdo each other by wearing outragous clothing
      • Many teens didn't go as far as the musicians, However, they did spend their money on new styles created by talented designers
        • Mary Quant
          • Here designs were lightweight and informal. She used a wide range of different materials and fabrics in her designs
          • She invented the miniskirt
      • As with music, what made this attractive to young people was that the older generation didn't understand
        • Rebellion was about being different from your parents generation
    • Music
      • The most spectacular development in the 1960's youth culture was the explosion of youth culture
      • Small band of young men and women wrote their own songs and played for people thier own age
      • The Beatles made their reputation playing to teenage audiences and went on to be the biggest band in the 60's and in music history
      • The Roling Stones openly sang about sex and drugs, The Who regularly smashed up their equipment on stage. Not suprisingly, there was a good deal of disaproval but it just made it more appealing to young people
      • The BBC launched "radio one" in 1967 and began playing youth music as well as family oriented music
    • Teenage Violence
      • In 1964, there was a number of violent clashes between the mods and the rockers at a variety of seaside towns
      • Newspapers yelled out in reaction, describing the teenagers as "marauding vikings", "odious louts" or "grubby hordes of louts and sluts"
      • Looking back on it youths were arrested for trivial crimes such as stealing icecream"
    • Rebellion
      • Rebellion was about being different from your parents generation
      • Films aimed at teenagers challenged traditional views about what was meant by good behavior
        • "West Side Story" presented an image of cool teenage gangs and a doomed love affair between a boy and a girl from different communities
      • Sex
        • The 60's is widely regarded as a period of sexual revolution
        • One form of rebellion that worried most parents were teenage attitudes to sex
        • Improving antibiotics meant that common sexually transmitted diseases could be cured easily
        • The contraceptive pill was available on the NHS in 1969


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