Youth Devience

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  • Youth Devience
    • Theories
      • Functionalist
        • Crime shows society what happens if you do it.
      • Marxist
        • Capitalism makes us stressed with money, so people become greedy for more and commit crime to achieve it.
          • Achieved and Ascribed status.
          • Strain Theory
          • CCCS, Brake, Clarke.
      • New Left Realism
        • Crime is reasonable for people low down in the class system.
          • Lea and Young.
      • Interactionist
        • Crime happens because people fulfill the negative labels given to them.
          • Cohen, Goode and Ben Yehuda, GIllborn.
      • Post Modern
        • No reasons for it as all other theories are outdated, people will always do it no matter what.
          • Kats and Liing.
    • Measuring Cirme
      • Official statistics, victim surveys, self report studies, the dark figure of crime.
    • Gender
      • Socialized differently -Oakley and Heidenson.
      • Masculinity - Messerschmidt, Sewell.
      • Parents control - Robbie and Box.
      • Chivalry theisis - Pollack and Shain
    • Class
      • Working
        • Poor - Coles
        • Prison - Wolmsey
      • Middle
        • Different types of crime, e.g. petty crime.
    • Ethnicity
      • Unfairly targeted.
        • Institutionl racism - Mcpherson, Blom and Copper, HOod.
        • 6x more likely to be stopped and searched.
      • Commit more crime - Gillborn, Sewell, Lea and Young (Marginalized).


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