youth culture related to GENDER

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  • youth culture related to GENDER
    • Bedroom Culture// teenyboppers
        • McRobbie studied a group of girls and identities a 'cult of femininity' that was present in the private space of the girls bedrooms with their best friend, excluding boys
          • teenybopper - girl subculture that was centred in the bedroom
            • characteristics/ what happened in the bedroom:
              • experimanting with makeup
              • experimenting with hair
              • gossiping
              • reading teen magazines
          • it was a form of resistance from the pressures of boys and sexuality
        • FEMINISTS
        • links to BLACKMANS- new wave girls
          • girls have separate subcultures to their boyfriends. they reject the passive view of females and are smart and assertive
          • FEMINIST
    • Friday night, Saturday night
      • HOLLANDS
        • Found that male and females both had very different ways of going out with their friends; either in the private sphere or public spere
          • Males
            • Public Sphere
            • local  (community) pubs
            • absence of women
          • Females
            • Private Sphere
            • women only
            • if they go out it would be to city centres
              • with the exclusivity of who they are with
            • many favoured girls nights in their space with just few friends
        • FEMINIST
    • new version of femininity
      • HARRIS
        • there is now women dominance and girl power, through the rise of the spice girls
          • Harris used phrases such as:
            • girl power
              • rise in female role models and power
                • links to Reddingtons research into punks
                  • style influded by Vivienne Westwood- a female role model
            • girls at risk
              • more risk of pregnancy, drug abuse and nonviolent crime
        • FEMINIST


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