The emergence of the teenager 1951-64

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  • Youth 1951-64
    • Changing attitudes
      • A new generation growing up outside the war
      • Begin to challenge the establishment
      • The establishment led Britain to war
      • They believe the the establishment is too traditional
    • Baby boomers
      • Increasing number of youth
      • The are independent, have jobs and their own money
      • Global affluence (rising standards of living)
      • Their money is spent on music + mopeds + fashion + drugs
      • Begin to be rebellious, massive criticism towards the government
    • Education
      • The Tripate system makes school accessible to all classes of people
      • Grammar, Technical and Modern schools
      • More challenge to status quo: children no longer had to do their parent's jobs
    • Fashion
      • The youth begin to wear different clothes
      • They could buy the things they wanted as they had jobs
    • Finance
      • Rent was cheap due to Macmillan building new houses
      • Teenagers were able to leave their parents, and live by themselves
      • Wages were high due to union strikes
      • Higher purchase allows people to pay over time, that way lots of mortgages were loaned
    • Their free time
      • The emergence of gangs
      • Mods and Rockers clash
      • Race riots occurred, the Notting Hill riot occurred due to migration of teens from different countries
      • National service ends so teens have more free time
      • They were growing up not committed to anything
      • Media aims programs at a younger generation
      • Media censorship was dropped


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