Young People and Women

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  • Young People and Women
    • Youth Groups
      • Loyalty from youth essential for Nazis to stay strong
      • Hitler Youth compulsory from 1939
        • Boys 14+
        • Military style uniforms and physical exercise
        • Trained to be soldiers
      • League of German Maidens
        • Girls 14+
        • Trained in domestic skills eg sewing
        • Trained to be wives and mothers
    • Education
      • Schools teaching Nazi propoganda
        • Subjects rewritten to fit Nazi ideas
          • Children taught to be anti-Semitic
            • To blame WWI on Jews and Communists
      • Jews banned from teaching
        • Teachers to join Nazi Teachers' Assosciation
          • Trained in Nazi methods
            • Children report those who do not use them
    • Women
      • Nazis didn't want them to have much freedom
        • Role was to support families at home and provide children
        • Awards given to women for producing large families
        • Girls studied subjects such as cookery and told to choose Aryan husbands
        • Banned from being lawyers in 1936
    • Reasons for Hitler's popularity
      • Gave Germans jobs after unemployment in 1920s
      • Taught Nazi way from early age
      • Instilled national pride
      • Felt better off as industry expanded
      • Annual rallies gave impression of strong, prosperous nation
      • Army supported aim to make Germany strong again
      • Businesses liked prosperity and anti- communism
      • People afraid to protest against Nazis


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