An Inspector Calls Themes: Young and Old

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  • Young and Old
    • By questioning their old views, Priestley also questions their obsession with social class - suggesting the system is out of date and needs to be reformed
      • "It's better to ask for the world than to take it"
    • The younger generation are determined and motivated - Eva "had a lot to say" Her courage is why Birling sacked her
      • "Now look at the pair of them - the famous younger generation who know it all"
    • Sheila and Eric are shown to be challenging the authority in society
      • Birling feels threatened by this and meekly warns them they'd "better keep quiet"
    • Because the younger generation learn their lesson, there's a chance for an equal and fairer society in the future
      • "You're beginning to pretend now that nothing's really happened at all. And I can't see it like that"
      • "We all helped to kill her"
      • "Between us we drove that girl to commit suicide"
    • Priestley presnets Arthur and Sybil as having traditional views
      • "But take my word for it, you youngsters, and I've learnt it in the good hard school of experience
      • "Community and all that nonsense"


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