Young and Dyslexic

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  • Young and Dyslexic
    • Form
      • broadsheet newspaper: 1st person, personal account; includes conversational language to connect with the reader.
    • 'the past is a different kind of country'
      • literary reference to the 'Go Between' shows his intellect, proving his points
    • two juxtaposing triplets about teachers showing what they were like and what he wished for: highlights comparison
      • 'no compassion, no understanding, no humanity'
      • 'being kind and thoughtful and listening to problems'
    • 'Shut up stupid boy'
      • sibilance emphasises how poorly he was treated. Shortness imitates abruptness of the teacher
    • 'ask a mate'
      • informal for a broadsheet; echoes how he doesn't conform to stereotypes
    • 'the mood is lost'
      • much more emphasis on passion than intelligence
    • written in second person
      • adds motivational tone.
    • 'So don't be heavy on yourself'
      • short sentence to emphasise point. Also feeling of finality with 'so': whole point of the article is summed up by this
    • narrative frame
      • 'architects/designers' underlines celebration of dyslexia and reinforces it
    • chatty tone and humour lighten a serious subject, making it more hopeful and celebrational


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