york flooding

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  • York-Flooding
    • Causes
      • York below 200m
      • relief rainfall from the Pennines (600m)
      • Clay soil (impermeable)
      • Urbanisation-widening of A1
    • Impacts
      • Trains were cancelled-35km of tracks underwater
      • £51 million to be spent on flood protection
      • £10 million lost in tourism
      • 1,600 bridges across N. Yorkshire checked for structural damage
      • 1,000 tonnes of earth slid onto the A59
    • Response
      • Leeman road floodbanks raised.
      • Flood warning system developed
      • The Foss barrier-lifts water from Foss to the ouse. £3.4 million to build
      • CliftonIngs-flood relief area-can store up to 2.3million of water


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