Yiri by Koko

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  • Yiri by Koko
    • Melody
      • A new melodic idea is introduced near the end, to show the ending.
      • The group sings together in unison during the chorus.
      • The chorus has short falling phrases emphasizing the notes.
      • There are short patterns falling from high to low are played by the balafons.
    • Structure
      • Introduction ~ the balafon plays a solo using a tremolo
      • The main section consists of drums playing an ostinati.
        • Choruses and balafon solos   alternate and in the middle there is a vocal solo, in which call and response is used.
      • The coda, is a short phrase for Balafon is played 5 times but varied each time.
    • Texture
      • There is a layered texture.
      • At the beginning there is a monophonic texture
      • Heterophonic  textures are created
    • Dynamics
      • There is little variation of dynamics.
    • Tonality and harmony
      • The piece is in Gb major
      • The balafons short patterns emphasize the notes Gb and Db.


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