The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis- mindmap.

Suitable for AS or GCSE. Just gives a rough overview of key points and things to consider.

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  • Yellow Wallpaper Analysis
    • Treatment for post natal depression. After the main character loses her baby.
    • Always in first person narrative of wife- the patient. Called Jane?
    • Desperate to 'escape the wallpaper', progressively loses her mind in the book.
    • Controlling husband-John. Dominating, wont let her write.
    • Confusing timescale- a loop.
    • The house is like a prison, high hedges, gates
    • Room damaged from her madness, before she goes mad. Torn wallpaper, 'gauged' floor.
    • Keeps a secret diary, form of relief.
    • The treatment seems to make her mad, rather than cure it.
    • Unreliable narrator, not sure how much is twisted


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