Yeast and Making Beer

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  • Yeast and Making Beer
    • Stage 1
      • Beer is made from grain - usually barely
      • Barely left to germinate - grains are dried in a kiln  (Malting)
      • Malted grain is mashed up - sugary solution and hops are added
    • Stage 2
      • Yeast is added and incubated - sugar ferments into alcohol
      • Ethanol die to anaerobic respiration kills yeast
      • Different species of yeast tolerate different levels of alcohol - % of beer
    • Stage 3
      • Drawn off through a tap and clearing agents are added
    • Stage 4
      • Pasteurised - heated to kill any yeast (tastes better not pasteurised)
      • Big companies do incase of not storing correctly and spoiling it


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