Texturising Yarns

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  • Texturising yarns
    • Methods
      • False Twists= yarn is twisted, heated and then untwisted to form a helical coil. Resembles crepe
      • Edge Crimping= heated filaments are drawn over an edge, which flattens one side of the filaments and causes the yarn to curl
      • Stuffer Box = Filament yarns are pushed into one end of a small heated box until they bend. When they emerge from the other end of the box, they are in crimp form
      • Gear Crimping= a sawtooth crimp is created when yarn passes through the teeth of two heated gears. Seldom used
      • Air Jet= high velocity air or steam is used to distort some of the fibres in a yarn so that they loop or curl
      • Knit-deknit= the yarn is knitted into a thin tube, heat set and unraveled. The unraveled yarn will retain the looped shape formed by the knitting
    • Texturing is the formation of Crimp, loops, coils or crinkles in filaments, creating a change in the physical form of a fibre to affect its behaviour and handle of fabrics made from them
      • Made from synthetic continuous filaments, modified to impart special texture and appearence


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