Yalta and Potsdam

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  • Yalta and Potsdam
    • Yalta happened in February 1945
      • Agreed to divide Germany into 4 zones; Britain, France, Russia and USA
      • Berlin would further be split up into 4 zones
      • Free elections is Eastern European countries
      • the USSR would join war against Japan
    • Potsdam occurred in August 1945
      • Roosevelt died so USA was represented by Truman
      • Churchill was replaced by Atlee
      • The new leader didn't get on with Stalin that well
      • Agreements: Nazis would be banned and would be tried as war crimminals.
      • The Oder-Neisse line was to form a border between Poland and Germany.
      • Attlee didn't want Stalin to have bases in the Mediterranean as there was no need.
        • Stalin saw this as mistrust from the leaders
      • Stalin wanted more reparations from Germany but the US and Germany did not.
        • US and Britain didnt want to cripple Germany; this made Stalin suspicious as to why they were protecting Germany.
      • Stalin set up a Communist government is Lublin, Poland and this made the other suspicious of his motives


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