Yalta and Potsdam Terms

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  • Yalta and Potsdam
    • Yalta (Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin)
      • Germany & Berlin - 4 zones
      • War criminals hunted and trialed
      • Free elections in East
      • Stalin agreed to enter war against Jpn
      • UN to be set up
      • German reparations
      • Eastern Europe to be 'Soviet sphere of influence'
    • Potsdam (Truman, Attlee, Stalin)
      • Each of the 4 zones occupied by one alli
      • Demilitarise Germany
      • Free elections, speech and press in Germany
      • Soviet Union given 1/4 of industrial goods made in Western zones in return for food and coal
      • Banning of Nazi party
      • Poland's frontier move westwards to rivers Oder and Neisse


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