Xylem transport

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  • Xylem Transport
    • Xylem tissue transports water and mineral ions
    • Water moves up a plant against force of gravity
      • Cohesion and tension: water evaporates from leaves at top of the plant, creates tension so it pulls more water into the leaf, water molecules are cohesive so pull some in and others follow, water enters stem through the roots
      • Transpiration is the evaporation of water from a plants surface // water evaporates from moist cell walls and accumulates in the spaces between cells in the leaf, when the stomata open it moves out of the leaf down the conc gradient
    • Factors affecting transpiration rate
      • light// lighter+faster rate, stomata are open when its light outside so they can get CO2 for photosynthesis.
      • Temp // higher temp = faster rate, warmer molecules have higher kinetic energy so evaporate from cells inside the leaf faster, increases the conc gradient between inside and outside of the leaf so it diffuses out of the leaf faster
      • Humidity // lower humidity=faster rate, if the air around the plant is dry the conc gradient between the leaf and air is increased which increases transpiration
      • Wind // windier=faster rate, lots of air movement blows away water molecules from around stomata, increases the conc gradient which increases the rate of transpiration.


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