Xerxes and his Army

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  • Xerxes and his Army
    • Multi-Ethnic Army
      • more than 2.6 million, drawn from 47 nations
      • 300 to 600 ships
      • each nation fought with their own weaponry
      • the infantry was organised on a decimal basis
      • persian arrows could reach up to a distance of 170 metres
      • did not have a great naval tradition
    • Xerxes Bridge of Boats
      • from phygia to Macedonia on a channel
      • they had to build the bridge twice due to a storm destroying the first one
        • all men responsible were beheaded
    • Why did he want to invade the Greece?
      • new trade routes
      • 'plea for vengence'
      • an empire where the sun never sets
      • 'not cease my efforts on behalf of Darius and the other Persians'
      • 'gaining power for the persians'
      • 'winning honour'


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