Xerophytes and features

Plant physiology: a summary of Xerophytic features

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  • Xerophytes
    • Rolled up leaves
      • Traps humid air caused by hinge cells that become flacid when low water supply
    • Thick waxy cuticle
      • reduces cuticular transpiration
    • Leaf hairs
      • limit air movement over leaf surface
    • Sunken stomata
      • keep humid air close to stomatal pore and so reduces water potential gradient
    • Rosette pattern
      • has overlapping leaves which shade to limit evaporation
    • Prostrate form
      • has leaves close to the ground which minimises surface for evaporation to occur
    • Extensive root system
      • shallow roots for absorbing close rainfall
      • deep roots reach towards water table
    • Stem
      • rigid structure
      • sunken stomata
      • reduces water potential gradient


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