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  • Xenotransplanation and problems of genetic engineering
    • xenotrans. is the transfer if tissues/ cells/ organs from one species to another
    • there is always a chance of rejection
      • this is because proteins on surfance of transplanted cells are recognised as foreign
    • scientists are devolping ways so that there is no rection
      • 1:human genes from human cell surface proteins are injected into newly fertilised embryo
      • 2: genes from cell surface proteins are 'knocked out' -theyre removed from the nucleus and then nuclear transfer is carried out.
    • problems surrounding genetic engineering
      • using antibiotic resistan genes could increase number of antibiotic resistant diseases
      • using GM crops will encourage mono-culture - what if these crops fail?
      • animals suffer  in  xenotransplantation
      • GM crops will exploit farmers in poor countires
      • worries that the future will bring GM humans creating genetic underclass
    • xenotransplantation problems
      • difference in organ size
      • pigs lkifespan is 15 years, xeongraft may age prematurely
      • body temp of pigs is 39 degrees
      • should we kill animals for their organs?
      • muslims and jews dont eat pork.
      • disease transfer between species


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