Memory- WMM evidence and eval

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  • WWM- evidence and evaluation
    • Dual task: same domain= not efficient. Separate domains= efficient
      • Baddley
        • Visual tasks compete for same perceptual domain.
        • Tracking task: Ps unable to track a spot of light and classify corners.
    • Case studies
      • KF: Forgetting auditory information was greater than it was for visual- brain damage restricted to the phonological loop.
      • LH: Performed better on spatial tasks rather than visual tasks. Suggests separate stores for visual and spatial systems
    • Logie
      • Performance poor when interference task uses same domain as primary task
    • PET scans
      • left hemisphere= visual. Right hemisphere= spatial
    • Strengths
      • Research to support (eg. brain scans)
      • Influencial
      • Makes sense of tasks such as reading, navigation
    • Weaknesses
      • Not comprehensive (no LTM, SM)
      • Central executive not clear
      • Fails to account for musical memory.


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