Why did Germany lose the first World War?

A brief summary of the factors leading to Germany's loss in the first World War. Will be good to print and add notes to - largely copied from Layton's edexcel book!

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  • WWI: Why did Germany lose the war?
    • The failure of the Schleiffen Plan
      • Battle of Marne
      • British convoy
    • Failure of alternative strategies
      • Submarine warfare
      • Attrition
    • Submarine warfare
      • USA entry into war
      • British convoy system
    • The final German offensive
      • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
      • US troops
      • 'Black day' for the army
    • Limitations of the Germany economy
      • Banks and export industries disrupted
      • Difficulty producing raw materials
      • Insufficient resources for army
        • Problematic in Russia's winter
      • British naval blockade
    • Strength of the allies
      • Geographical advantage - Germany surrounded
      • Aid from USA
      • War of attrition - who could last the longest with little resources?


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