Political impact on Russia from WW1 that led to the feb revolution

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  • WW1 and the February Revolution- POLITICAL impact
    • As the war effort faltered the previous and initial support for the Tsar soon disappeared.
      • No longer was an enthusiastic approach taken for the Tsar.
    • The Tsar was pressured to reconvene (meet again after a break) the Duma which is the Russian parliament.
      • A new "progressive bloc" was formed who wanted to be fully involved in war effort.
        • During this time a proposition came about that members of the Duma would take over the role from incompetent and unsuccessful ministers.
    • The Tsar was given an opportunity to show how willing he was to give his full co-operation.
      • However, due to fear and paranoia that his authority would be undermined and not taken seriously, he turned down this opportunity and suspended the Duma.
    • The Duma had a brief meeting in 1916 and 1917. This caused problems with the government as little was done.
      • This ensured the Tsar lost support from the Russian people.
    • When the Feb Revolution came about there was few left in Russia's political system willing to defend him.


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