Wuthering Heights and Tess

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  • Wuthering Heights and Tess
    • Freedom
      • Men are given more freedom over the women, however education and family hinder them, as well as freedom with love
    • Feminism
      • Letters- Izzy calling to Nelly, a woman of lower class to guilt her into help, Tess is begging angel, and her female friends help her
      • Childbearing for inheritance and from ****
      • Female expectations from society condemn to death and suffering
    • The Past
      • Innocence is reflected in childhood, such as Cathy and Tess unknowing of men and marriage
      • Isabella's initial romantic ideas of HC after his return are ironic in comparison to the abusive reality
      • HC origins such as being a "gypsy or foreigner" show how he stands out, and how his change is so great
      • Cathy sees violence in Hindley and fathers death
    • Religion
      • Tess loses faith after the Church wont bury Sorrow, Alec's hypocrisy in his faith


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