Writing to Persuade

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  • Writing to Persuade
    • Key Features
      • Variety of adverbs and adjectives
      • Rhetorical questions
      • Perhaps attempt to shock the reader into agreement
      • Mixture of first, second and third person
      • Some short sentences
      • Emotive language
      • Groups of three
      • Identify with the audience by using 'we'
    • Useful Phrases
      • Some people think; what would happen if; all reasonable people think; do we really want; we need to make sure that
      • There can be only be one conclusion; it would be useful to consider; imagine what would happen if
      • I have no doubt; do they really think that; I am sure you will agree; in my experience
      • What would the consequences be; it is frightening to think that; by the far the best solution would be


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