Writing to inform

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  • Writing to inform
    • Who are you writing for?Does the language need to be formal or informal?
      • What genre of writing is this? A speech, letter, leaflet? Consider the impact this has on your language
    • What is the topic? Have you made it clear during the first sentence what you are focusing upon?
      • Aim to keep the reader focused upon the topic all the way through - in particular remind them in the last sentence what you are informing them of.
    • Tone is important - you need to sound authoritative as you are informing
      • As someone who already....
      • One must not forget that....
      • This concept has been proven when...
    • Your writing needs to be organised and well structured. You will do this by using connectives which signpost the way.
    • Devices to use: rhetorical questions, rule of three, alliteration, second person, imperatives.
      • Remember to add statistics and an expert opinion too!


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