Writing Techniques

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  • Writing Techniques
    • Descriptive Language
      • Use the five senses( see,  smell , hear , etc
      • Strong adjectives
    • Metaphors
      • Describing something like it is something else to create a vivid image
    • Similies
      • A way of describing something by comparing it to something elese by using words 'like' or 'as'
    • analogy
      • A comparison show that two things are  similiar.
    • Personification
      • Giving a object human characteristics
    • Allieration
      • Repeating the same sound e.g (Super , Sonic)
    • Onomatapoeia
      • imitates a noises e.g 'Smash' or 'Thud'
    • Irony
      • Saying one thing but meaning the opposite
    • Sarcasm
      • Similar to irony but nastier
    • Technical Language
      • Specialist terms e.g ( Facts & Stats)
    • Emotive language
      • Language that make us feel a certain way
    • Tabloid newspaper language
      • A newspaper that is usually not very serious e.g the Sun




Thank you soo much, this is really helpfull :)

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