Writing Tasks (all of them)

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  • Writing Tasks (all of them)
    • 1, Make sure that you read the question and you apply GAPS to it.
      • G - genre        A - audience   P - purpose    S - subject
    • 2, Undeline all of they key words in the question to help you focus
    • 4, Punctuation marks across the top of your page and cross them off as you use them
    • 3, MOREASS across the top of your page and tick them off as you use these techniques. (Some are more suitable for certain tasks than others)
      • Metaphor Onomatopoeia Rule of 3 Repetition Emotive language Alliteration Sinle word Sentence Simile
    • 4, Always check your work at the end - two minutes inserting paragraphs or changing punctuation can gain you marks!


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