How is the story told in the first 80 lines of 'Goblin Market' by Christina Rosetti

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  • Write about the ways Rossetti tells the story in the first 80 lines of 'Goblin Market'
    • Narrative Perspectives or Voices
      • Third person omniscient narrator
        • Sing-song tone of the beginning...
          • Repetition
            • Line 4: 'Come buy, come buy:'
            • Lines 10-14
        • Darker tones towards the end of the excerpt...
          • The Goblins are portrayed as animals.
            • Lines 71-76
    • Setting
      • Unspecified setting; natural and rural setting
        • Line 33: 'Among the brookside rushes,'
    • Stanza Formation
      • Long narrative verse paragraphs...
        • Lines 1-31: First verse, etc.
        • Use of rhyming couplets
          • Strict at first and then flexible towards the end.
            • Lines 38-39
    • Chronological Order
      • 1. Begins with finding out what the Goblins do 'Morning and evening'
      • 2. We then learn that about Laura and Lizzie's different roles and of Laura's temptation.
        • Lines 34-35: 'Laura bowed her head to hear, Lizzie veiled her blushes:'
      • 3. 1 and 2 create anticipation for the rest of the poem.
    • Writing techniques
      • Childlike rhymes and listings
        • Lines 1-31: Lists of fruit
      • Use of contrasts
        • Lizzie and Laura's attitudes towards the Goblins.
      • Use of specific names
      • References to evil and religion
        • References to Eve's temptation: Eve wanted to know more
          • Line 53: 'And whispered like the restless brook:'
            • The simile refers to Laura as having a dangerous curiosity towards the two evil Goblins.


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